Cortex escape room presents..

House Of Legends

Our hidden medieval castle awaits you in the heart of Bruges!
We are located along one of Bruges many canals. Footsteps away from the market square, Cortex turned the legends of Bruges into playable themes. Cortex transformed historical stories into decorated rooms full of unique puzzles and riddles. Here you can enjoy the full experience!

Expect a warm welcome,an exciting game, a medieval living space and terrace with a view where you can relax afterwards.

For whom is a escape room?

A fun activity for the whole family? An exciting challenge among friends or as team building with colleagues? House of Legends welcomes anyone who is open to a challenge!


32 Days

You will travel back in time to the beginning of the 20th century. Again in Bruges, strange events have taken place...


The last Witch sabbath

Battle among colleagues, friends or family in a game of witches versus hunters! Bruges has a rich past full of old legends...


Antonio's secret recipe

Again a Bruges legend game is made! Only we turn this legend of Antonio Arche into a horror style!


Soon more...