32 Days

You will travel back in time to the beginning of the 20th century. Again in Bruges, strange events have taken place, so mysterious that at first glance they seem unsolvable. Four residents of the city together with the physician Thomas Montanus have disappeared without a trace after Thomas’ father was diagnosed with an incurable disease. After friends and family have searched for them for 32 days, they find 4 bodies in a hidden laboratory. Can you discover what happened there? What has doctor Montanus done during this time to rescue his father?

 Duration: max. 60 minutes
 Level of difficulty: 40% success rate
 Min. 2 persons
 Max. 5 persons

2 persons: €26,00 p.p.
3 persons: €25,00 p.p.
4 persons: €22,00 p.p.
5 persons: €20,00 p.p.
Prices include VAT

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